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Cadbury's of Bournville


Cadburys operated their own fleet of boats from the setting up of their canalside factories at both Bournville, Frampton and Knighton for the delivery of raw materials and collection of milk from surrounding farms. They gave up their own boats in 1929 and relied on Severn & Canal and FMC for the transportation needs of the company.

For a fuller history of the company see Narrowboat magazine. Summer 2006 edition.

motor or butty/ name/ builder/ build date/ registered/ date/ BCN gauging/ date/ further details

B BOURNVILLE O 9/1883 BHAM 414 19.9.83     original narrowboat in Cadburys fleet
M BOURNVILLE l N 06/11 BHAM 1241 29.9.11 21325 4.7.11  
M BOURNVILLE II N 11/11 BHAM 1249 15.12.11 21413 29.11.11  
B BOURNVILLE III O 05/12 BHAM 1259 31.5.12 21523 30.5.12  
M BOURNVILLE 1 U 06/1915 BHAM 1335 18.6.15 22340 3.7.15 sold to Severn & Canal.C.C.6/29 became original No.3
M BOURNVILLE 2 U 07/1916 BHAM 1350 29.7.16 22578 5.10.16 sold to Severn & Canal.C.C.6/29 became original No.4
B BOURNVILLE 3 K 11/1915          
M BOURNVILLE 4 W 06/1915 BREN 342 15.6.15 22425 28.12.15 sold to Severn & Canal.C.C.6/29 became original No.5
B BOURNVILLE 5 W 06/1915 BREN 343 16.6.15 22426 28.12.15  
B B 6 W 10/1915 BREN 346 5.10.15 22424 28.12.15  
B B 7 K 06/1915 BHAM 1337 16.7.15 17774 17.6.01*  
B B 8 K 11/1915          
B B 9 K 08/1916          
B B 10 K 08/1916          
M B 11 W 06/1921 BHAM 1408 29.7.21     sold to Severn & Canal.C.C.6/29 became original No. 6
B B 12 M 06/1921 BHAM 1405 3.6.21 21073 30.5.10*  
B B 13 W 06/1918 BHAM 1368 14.6.18      
M B 14 W 10/1921     124 15.10.21  
B B 15 W 10/1924 BHAM 1472 21.11.24 953 28.10.24 sold to Severn & Canal.C.C.6/29 became their BOURNVILLE
B B 16 W 10/1924 BHAM 1473 21.11.24 955 29.10.24 sold to Severn & Canal.C.C.6/29. became their BLACKPOLE
B B 17 W 07/1926 BHAM 1491 2.7.26 1176 15.7.26  


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A built at Beards yard, Hempstead Bridge
B built by W.H. Bowater Ltd, Brookfield Wharf, B'ham
C ex Chadbourn Son & Taylor, Gloucester Docks
D built by the Anderton Company, Middleport, Stoke on Trent
E ex Butty boat
F built by George Farrin, Stoke Prior
G built by Bakers, Stourport
H built by Charles Hill & Sons Ltd, Bristol
J built by Joseph Barnard, Llanthony, Gloucester
K ex Fellows Morton and Clayton Ltd, B'ham
L purchased from an owner on the GJC
M ex Price and Son, Brierley Hill
N built by Orr Watt & Co. Ltd, Motherwell
O wooden boat, builders not known.
P built by J.E.Perry & Sons, Wolverhampton
Q ex John W. Wheeler, Gloucester
R ex Jacob Rice & Son, Gloucester Docks
S built by the Severn & canal carrying Co. Ltd, Stourport
T built by Edward Tailby, West Bromwich
U built by Fellows Morton and Clayton Ltd, Uxbridge
W built by W.H.Walker, Rickmansworth. Later W.H.Walker & Bros Ltd.)
X ex Cadbury Brothers Ltd, Bournville.
Z ex Barnes & Chadborn, Gloucester.
BHM Birmingham
GLR Gloucester
BREN Brentford
STK Stoke on Trent

registered details relate to previous owner

src for original list - SEVERN & CANAL and CADBURYS -- Alan H Faulkner



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