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The Grand Junction was a busy route throughout its commercial life, although the struggle of competition with the railways was a constant problem from the mid 19th Century onwards. In the 1920's discussions took place between the Grand Junction, Regent's and Warwick Canal companies with a view to a merger. An Act of Parliament was required to authorise this, passed in 1928, with the merger taking place on 1st January 1929. The Regent's Canal Company bought the other two companies.

In the 1930's the new company, now called the Grand Union Canal Company, worked hard to modernise both the canal and the boats operating on it. Locks were extensively rebuilt to take wide beamed barges, particularly on the Warwick Canal which had previously been for narrowboats only. There was financial support from the government for this work, which helped to relieve unemployment in the great depression of the 1930's. The company had a wide beamed motor barge built, the Progress, as an experiment with the intention of achieving greater efficiency to compete with railways and the growing alternative of road transport. They also tried out new designs of motor narrowboats which could pull an unpowered "butty". The Progress was not a success but the new designs of narrowboat were, and a large fleet was built for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company, a subsidiary of the Grand Union Canal Company.

Nationalised along with other canals in 1948, the Grand Junction route was one of the last in Britain to keep commercial traffic alive, albeit in steep decline through the 1950's when road transport developed considerably.

Motors on the G.U.C.C.Co. Ltd List.

Fleet No. / Name / Builder / Registered / Date / Gauged & Date / Paired with / Date entered fleet / In fleet at nationalisation / further details.

1 ACHERNAR N BREN 546 9.11.35



203 30/10/1935 #

Passed to BW on nationalisation.

By 1965 was a maintenance boat on North Oxford and Coventry canals with a nameplate Achener

Being rebuilt top of Factory locks. Moved to Birchills 3/01. Still there with no discernible work being done. GUCC A-H

2 ADVANCE A DAV 417 2.12.30 11888 338 11/1930    
3 ALDEBARAN H DAV 462 19.2.35



322 02/01/1935  

1943: Sold to Barlow Coal Co on 28/4/1943 and re-registered Daventry No 535 on 1/6/1943 as HALIFAX, Fleet No 106.

1949: Renamed ANN and re-registered Daventry No 546 on 19/7/1949

1957: Fleet No changed to 55.

1960s: sold to Canal Transport Services, Norton Canes, renamed DAVID and operated as a camping boat. Docking was done at Keays yard Carl St Walsall.

1975: Sold, name reverted to ALDEBARAN, fitted with a new steel counter at Charity Dock in 1977.

Late 1980s: Broken up in Bristol.

4 ALCOR N BREN 550 9.11.35



208 1/11/1935 #

1941: Went to London Fire Brigade as a fire boat for duration of war.

1964: Sold by BW as part of their sale of ex carrying craft.

converted fs. 2/90 & 5/93

once owned by Tony Lewery

Has 3/4 length cabin 

full length GUCC A-H

5 ALGOL N BREN 554 18.12.35 12433 215 11/1935  

Sold to Stanton & Staveley tube works for £950 in 1941 became No.51 in their fleet re-registered Ilkeston No 99.

Sold 7/47 to Stewarts and Lloyds to become tug No.2 shortened by Harris Netherton work included new cabin and tug deck.

1986 after being sold by S&L had hull work done by Dennis Cooper and was fully restored by owner including new elm bottom, rebuilding the National engine and new cabin with conventional rear deck.

New steel bottom 2000 Engine in 2002 reported as being a National DM2. photo as tug No 2

6 ANTONY N BREN 552 18.12.35 12474 255 11/1935 #

Antony and two other boats Gorse and Kelso were all cut down at Bulls Bridge in 1959 and the bows used to make BW hire cruisers. The sterns ended up on Cowley Tip (now Packetboat Marina) and Willow Wren Hire Cruisers bought the remains of Gorse and Anthony to make hire cruisers out of in 1964. Source :- PH

Antony became Water Lilac on conversion a 45ft BW hire cruiser. Presently 2016 renamed Antony/Water Lilac (BW 68534) Stern converted by Willow Wren 1964 into 46.5ft cruiser Plover then Little Plover. Presently 2016 renamed Antony (BW62022)

7 ANTARES I RICK 33 19.3.35 12371 361 02/1935  

Sold July 1942 to Talbot Garage Company, Kidderminster - renamed ANTRIES.

Later acquired by T and S Element, Oldbury. Was used to promote canal carrying at the 1951 exhibition with FMC butty IVY carrying a load of bicycles.

Sold to Robert Tudor circa 1955 - renamed THE ALBION. Robert Tudor's operation was based at Albion Bridge on the Wednesbury Old Canal near Pudding Green Junction (BCN).

Circa 1966 sold privately and converted to houseboat.

Was based in Battlebridge Basin, London at some point.

Reverted to original name after this time.

Due to deteriorating condition, the fore end was removed in 1998. Remains of the rest of the boat were observed sunk in the Oxford Canal near Duke's Lock in Oct 2001.

Waterways World February 2003 edition has a photograph of the boat when operating for Robert Tudor.


BHM 1592


19.6.36 12463 304 22/01/1936 #

ANTLIA worked for GUCCC between 1936 and

1941: She was then commandeered by the Ministry of War Transport and was used on the River Lee as a fire fighting boat until 1945. 

1949: she worked as a maintenance boat for the South East Division. 

1950: she was transferred to Gloucester via the Kennet and Avon Canal and was among the last six boats to use the canal before it closed. She went on to become a maintenance boat for the South West Division until

1956, when she was chopped in half. Her stern was taken by the tug TARDEBIGGE and the bow by WATER VIXEN; a British Waterways holiday boat.

1994: The two ends were re-joined bought as two halves and welded back together occasionally used for carrying. Has subsequently been converted with a steel shell under cloths. Her hull is made from riveted iron plates and she once had an elm bottom, now replaced with steel. 

The current engine is an inboard Lister diesel; model HB2, with two cylinders and twenty-two horsepower, made in 1960. Photo GUCC A-G

9 AQUARIUS N BREN 556 18.12.35



210 16/11/1935 #

circa 1964-67 Hired to Willow Wren CTS

1967: sold by BW

Unconverted based at Dimmingsdale on the Staffs and Worcs canal 10/00


10 AQUILA K BREN 490 26.6.35 12440 213 06/1935 #

Converted for sale 7/91

Deconverted then fitted with an under cloth conversion. 

11 ARCAS N BREN 558 18.12.35 12582 221 11/1935 #

shortened to 40ft by BW in use as a maintenance boat based at Marsworth (Maffers) tug format

12 ARCHIMEDES N BREN 560 18.12.35 12446 308 11/1935   Transferred to maintenance fleet 30/11/1945. Sold to Watneys (Brewery) and converted to trip boat named Barleycorn. About 1989 was restored to carrying condition (with extended cabin) and has been trading sincestill carrying paired with ARA. has a 5ft extended cabin GUCC A-H
13 ARCTURUS (12a) I RICK 28 20.11.34 12356 358 10/1934   T.B. 2/00 now deconverted and paired with SIRIUS. GUCC A-H
14 ARIES M RICK 40 16.7.35 12540 217 06/1935   ELLES MUS.
15 ASTEROPE N BREN 562 18.12.35 12466 202 11/1935 # Fully converted and based at Cassio wharf Photo GUCC A-H
16 ATLAS N BREN 565 18.12.35 12529 220 11/1935 # BW Historic fleet as part of the friends of the working boat project picture GUCC A-H
17 AURIGA K BREN 512 3.9.35 12478 214 06/1935 # Still carrying 3/99 May 2007 was seen at Ocker Hill in a run down condition, she is in BW colours. photo GUCC A-H
18 BARGUS N BREN 567 18.12.35 12487 235 11/1935 # Extended cabin conversion sheeted fore end Photo GUCC A-G
19 BELLATRIX L NEVER REGD 12429 305 10/1935   Allegedly never used by GUCCC, hence not registered by them. Orig. intended pairing was with butty 305, LYNX. Sold to the Wulfruna Coal Co., Wolverhampton, circa. 1939 / 40, and gauged for BCN by them. In 1966 was run as a trip boat at Kinver by Midland Navigation. By Sep 1990 restored to carrying condition, privately owned based at Greensforge on the Staffs and Worcs. GUCC A-H
20 BOOTES N BREN 569 18.12.35 12542 232 12/1935 # converted for sale 6/00 based Stockton on the GU GUCC A-H
21 CALLISTO N BREN 571 18.12.35 12548 247 12/1935 # Originally powered by a National 2DM but now powered by a Russell Newbery DM2. She was hired to the London Fire Service during the last war and worked on fire fighting duties in the Surrey Docks. After the war was converted to a house boat and in 1948 made a historic trip down the Kennet & Avon Canal to prove that it was still navigable. De-converted by the mid 1970s and spent the next 25 years operating as a camping boat paired with ARA and based at Braunston. Seen at Maffers Xmas 2002. Bought by present owner in 2004. Photo GUCC A-H
22 CAPRICORN K BREN 504 24.7.35 12420 264 07/1935   In 1944 she was working as part of the Womens Training Scheme, set up to replace men who were serving during World War II - at this time she was captained by Daphne French. After the war she was transferred to British Waterways maintenance fleet and sold off in 1964. CAPRICORN was shortened in the 1960s known as THE POOT between 1964 and 1985  and was extensively restored by Warwickshire Fly Boat Company in 1985. Her present owner intends to return her to working tug format. Capricorn
23 CASSIOPEIA K BREN 494 24.7.35 12525 265 06/1935 # She remained with the GUCCC until the British Transport Commission took control in 1947. BTC re-engined her with her present engine in 1958. During the years 1944 to 1963 she remained in the hands of one boater family. #Thereafter she passed into private ownership but continued to carry cargoes. Was based at Ashby Canal, Leicestershire.# This contradicts totally a lot of what I know of this boat for years in the 60's and 70's was converted and based at Gas Street basin  going to Aintree for the National. She went to France for a while. now deconverted and carrying based Stockton GU Photos GUCC A-G
24 CASTOR M RICK 36 21.5.35 12520 335 04/1935   sold to LB Faulkner'47, then onto SE Barlow and finally on to Samuel Barlow when they took over SE's fleet in 2/57
25 CENTAURI K BREN 500 24.7.35 12383 250 06/1935 # Shortened to approx 40ft by BW for sale as part of the sell off of plant by BW 2005/06. Withdrawn from sale when the historic boats were 'noticed' Centauri Pics GUCC A-H
26 CEPHEUS K BREN 488 26.6.35 12389 266 06/1935   Bottom now steel. Powered by Lister HA2 Diesel engine. Still has original National propeller. Worked for BW contracts up until 2002. Now in private ownership. Unconverted painted in BW 50's livery. Photo GUCC A-H
27 CERES K BREN 532 25.9.35 12427 326 09/1935  

From September 1935, she worked for the GUCCC in the London Docks taking zinc ingots, steel bars and other cargoes to the Midlands and returning with coal. She may have been laid up from 1938 to 1947 in London. From September 1947 to January 1989, she was a maintenance boat on the Bridgewater canal. The current owner bought her in 1989, after she had sunk for three months the previous year, due to corrosion and lack of maintenance. Between 1989 and 1993 restored by Ian Kemp and the present owner. now unconverted and named MSC No2 MSC Co Works Tug No 2

28 CLYPEUS L BREN 498 24.7.35 12423 260 06/1935 # fully restored with part fit out under cloths Picture
29 COLUMBA N BREN 573 18.12.35 12476 269 12/1935   sold to John Knill had an extended cabin fitted then sold to Barlows when Knill's finished carrying 1/55. fs with extended cabin 8/88. At Rick 98. GUCC A-H
30 COMET K BREN 524 3.9.35 12385 313 08/1935 # unconverted at Dadford's Stourbridge picture GUCC A-H
31 COROLLA N BREN 575 18.12.35 12494 246 12/1935 # converted to trip boat WATER WAGTAIL in the 50's. seen at Foxton 7/00 GUCC A-H
32 CORONA N BREN 577 18.12.35 12552 259 12/1935   Passed to British Waterways Board and then sold to Coventry Education Committee about 1960 for Town Thorns School near Rugby. Bought by Trevor Maggs in January 1968, restored and used for coal carrying throughout 1970s and 1980s. Occasional loads since e.g. Oxford Canal Bi-Centenary 1990 and First Jam 'Ole Run 1995. New steel cabin fitted 1980 and steel bottom replacing elm bottom in 1984. photo GUCC A-H
33 DEIMOS N BREN 580 22.1.36 12489 268 12/1935 # owned by BW as part of their maintenance fleet based at Maffers renamed SLOUGH
34 DELPHINUS L BHM 1578 13.10.35 12506 271 09/1935   sold to Talbot Garage Co. then to T&S Elements Oldbury renamed PRINCE CHARLES now 50ft at WFBCo.
35 DENEBOLA N BREN 582 22.1.36 12501 272 12/1935 # Converted into a trip boat by BW in the 50's WATER FAIRY, later cut in half stern being made into a 45ft tug attended Braunston 2000. stern now motorised and fully converted. Part of boat now full length, not sure which. Taken out of carrying service in 1955 she was converted to a Zoo Bus and renamed Water Fairy. (Further information) - In 1965 she was bought by Oliver Lovell who filled in her sides and renamed her ROMULUS. She was then run as an educational/camping boat until 1985 when she was bought by her present owner who de-converted her and gave her back her original name of DENEBOLA. She is still composite with steel sides and elm bottom and is powered by her original National DM2 engine. The boatman's cabin is decorated with Ron Hough roses and castles and still contains the original coal bucket with the fleet number stamped on it. DENEBOLA GUCC A-G
36 DORADO N BREN 584 22.1.36 12461 344 12/1935 # ex BW 45ft tug now at WFBCo. Had a major rebuild and now looking very very nice. GUCC A-H
37 DORNEY COUNT A DAV 405 25.3.30 11956 276 01/1935    
38 DUKE C TRING 117 1.12.31 12338 273 b 11/31   Ex-Associated Canal Carriers/GUCCC, In private ownership. Another photo here showing her in the 1980s when working as the Narrowboat Cinema - a time fondly remembered by many, when a dozen people would squeeze into her hold to view old films UNC.7/91 Ext Cab F.S.3/00
39 EDWARD C DAV 429 22.3.32 12315 206 03/1932   allegedly broken up
40 ELECTRA P RICK 48 5.11.35 12546 278 10/1935   sold to Stanton Ironworks became Stanton No. 59 then sold to Stewart and Lloyds 7/47.Unconverted fs 6/00 10/00 based at Ivinghoe on the GU. sunk at Charity Dock, Bedworth, Coventry canal. Attempts are being made to contact her owner.
41 ENCELADUS L BHM 1577 20.9.35 12391 306 b 8/35 # Cut up fore end became WATER VALIANT BW hire boat. now called VALIANT and based at the Bratch
42 ERIDANUS L BREN 538 25.9.35 12452 300 07/1935 # Extant and fully converted GUCC A-H
43 FORMALHAUT P RICK 50 5.11.35 12469 291 10/1935 #

In 1943, she was on hire to the Erewash Canal Carrying Company (ECCCo) and in use as a change boat and, during this time, she was involved in a collision whilst towing three buttys (steerer G Smith) near Ansty with A Wander’s ‘Thomas’ By the end of the year she was back with GUCCCo. and was working with the butty Ruislip for a time, still with G Smith as steerer. With the nationalisation of inland waterways in 1948, the ownership of Formalhaut passed to the British Transport Commission (Docks and Inland Waterways Executive).  She was recorded as being in fair condition but required docking – perhaps the work was not done in time as she sank in the River Lee that year.  The following year she was transferred to the Engineering Department at Gloucester for use as a canal maintenance boat and allocated the number B7. In 1964 Formalhaut was sold into private ownership and, during the next 12 years, was renamed at least four times (including the names Mattie and Gandalf).  She was owned for a while by the Tewkesbury Cruising and Sailing Club.  Over a period of 20 years she had at least seven private owners and is recorded as attending several rallies.  By December 1973 Formalhaut was reported as being sunk on the River Lee however, all was not lost, and in 1980 she had a new Lister SL2 engine installed and had reverted to her original name. Finally, in 1983, because of her poor condition, she was gifted to The Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port.  Before the new shop was built, she was displayed for a while on land outside the museum entrance.   In June 1995 she was dismantled.

44 FORNAX P RICK 52 8.1.36 12504 341 12/1935   sold to T&S Elements renamed MAYFLOWER. Was renamed FORNAX when seen at Battlebridge basin about 8 years ago.
45 GEMINI K BREN 516 3.9.35 12444 216 07/1935 # Converted for sale. 9/99 Warwickshire Flyboat Company slightly shortened and with a tug like cabin conversion. GEMINI
46 GEORGE B TRING 108 5.2.29 12180 mary 02/1929   GEORGE was built in 1928 for Associated Canal Carriers, but was later transferred to the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company. She went into service in February 1929 and worked on the Grand Union Canal, the Thames and in London Docks. She frequently worked with the butty MARY, both vessels having been constructed together as a prototype 'pair' for the royalty class Narrow boat fleet. They were designed to carry above average pay loads and were long sided to make them safer when operating in the docks and the Thames tideway. GEORGE became a maintenance vessel at the end of the Second World War and was eventually sold by British Waterways in 1962-1963. She was purchased by her current owners in August 1963. They also own the butty MARY and the two vessels have since cruised British waterways, both singly and as a pair. For a full history see May 2008 Waterways World.  GUCC A-G
47 GRUS P RICK 54 8.1.36 12537 282 12/1935   Renamed CECIL 1941-1965 with A. Wander Ltd has extended cabin F.S.11/90 now known as ALMIGHTY currently waiting for the funds to restore her. The last major works on her were carried out on an ad-hoc basis during the 1980's. At that time she was a work boat for a wooden boat builder in Bulls Bridge. Cabin built by
Malcolm Braine was camper 72 - 80 80-96 in private ownership Extensive partial restoration was carried out by Martin Cox, boat builder, during this time which accounts largely for Almighty's (GRUS / CECIL) survival and relatively good condition. Website
48 THE HAWK A DAV 453 15.5.34 X5614 347 01/1929    
49 HENRY D RICK 22 8.10.31 12310 212 10/1931    
50 HERCULES K BREN 540 25.9.35 12438 314 09/1935   BW maintenance boat based in the North west, painted in a facsimile 1950's style picture GUCC A-H
51 HESPERUS P RICK 57 18.2.36 12516 331 01/1936   still carrying. holed Milton Keynes 6/00 GUCC A-H
52 HYDRA K BREN 496 24.7.35 12538 293 07/1935 # Converted. TG.8/99
53 HYPERION K BREN 514 3.9.35 12448 292 05/1935   Owned by S E Barlow Coal Carriers in 1948 and re registered as Tamworth 201. Passed into Samuel Barlow Coal Co Ltd fleet as No.s 58 & 38 ( in 1959) & re registered as Daventry 555. In private ownership by mid 1960s. fs 3/91 and is now used for carrying photo GUCC A-H
54 ISIS P RICK 60 18.2.36 12480 290 01/1936   sold to A. Harvey Taylor renamed JIMMY then sold to Samuel Barlows 4/55 converted 8/89 fs 7/00. visited Runcorn in 2003. Later seen at Gas Basin, Kensal Green, Grand Union Canal. She was very hogged.
55 JOSEPHINE M A DAV 436 1.11.32 X5612 258 a 10/32   Full name JOSEPHINE MARGUERITE originally built for Rupert Craven by Walker Bros, 1927. On his bankruptcy ACC bought his boats in 1932 and then incorporated into the new GUCC fleet. Sold onto S.E.Barlow in 1942 and possibly broken up in mid 1970's.
56 JUPITER J BREN 487 19.12.34 12362 310 11/1934   GUCC I-Z
57 LACERTA L BREN 520 3.9.35 12553 302 07/1935 # She has riveted wrought iron sides and a steel bottom, with a bluff bow and a counter stern. Her current engine is a Lister HR2 MGR, although she would originally have had a Russell Newbury DM2 with two cylinders. She was built for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company Ltd. (GUCCC) as part of an order for twelve pairs of the Star class narrow boats. She was originally paired with the butty LEPUS. LACERTA was registered at Brentford as fleet number 520 on 3 September 1935. Her gauging number was 12553 and her pair number was 302. Prior to 1939, she was transferred to a subsidiary group known as the Erewash Canal Company. In the late 1940s, after nationalisation, LACERTA went on to be used as a maintenance boat on the Erewash Canal and River Stour. By 1962, she was in a poor state and was taken to a repair yard at Newark where twenty six feet of the straight plates were removed from her length and the elm boards were replaced with steel. She continued to work on maintenance duties until 1989, when British Waterways put her up for disposal by tender. was at Stourbridge 10/00 LACERTA GUCC I-Z
58 LIBRA L BREN 548 9.11.35 12425 249 10/1935   Became Willow Wren's WARBLER in 1953. Sold into private ownership in 1970s as WARBLER, and paired with butty CARINA in the 1980s until late 1990s. 2 cyl , 24hp Bolinder engine installed in 1985. now part converted and based at Amington on the Coventry canal GUCC I-Z
59 MAIA P RICK 62 21.4.36 12559 311 03/1936   sold to Stanton Ironworks 3/41 became No.55 in their fleet sold to J.Raynor Liverpool 7/47. now renamed ROSEMARY
60 MERCURY K BREN 536 25.9.35 12404 219 09/1935   Known as SORCERESS for a while. In same ownership since 1960s 
61 MEROPE P RICK 64 21.4.36 12617 312 03/1936  

In November 1941 she was sold to Stanton Coal and Iron Company. At this time she was registered at Ilkeston to have 4 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children living on board (in an 8 ft cabin!) and her steerer was Albert Boswell, who lived in Sandiacre lock cottage. She was sold to Joseph Rayner, canal carrier, of Runcorn in 1947 and renamed ‘Sandra’.  In 1955 she was sold to the coal merchants S T Brant of Hockley Port, Birmingham and renamed ‘Gertrude’ following extensive repairs at Yates Bros. dock at Norton Canes on the Cannock Extension Canal.  This included taking out the old National engine and fitting a new twin-cylinder Bolinder, reputedly the first of this type to be fitted in a canal boat in this country.  Willow Wren Canal Carrying Co. were reputedly the suppliers of these engines. Once her refurbishment was completed, she did three trips a week, towing a ‘joey’ boat (or day boat, without a full cabin), carrying coal from the Cannock coal fields to Brant’s Wharf in Birmingham. From 1965 – 69 she worked for the Birmingham and Midland Canal Carrying Company but, as the wooden boats were not as robust as the steel boats, she was no longer used and so was consequently sold to Dodds, Peters and Co of Netherton, where her working career ended. When she was repainted in 1975, and the many layers of paint were removed, her original name ‘Merope’ was discovered. Peter Dodds wrote in Waterways World, May 1977:

"We began to repaint in the Summer of 1975.  Before commencing to strip off all the old paint, we had a gentle scrape at the thick layers of paint over the engine ‘ole porthole.  We could scarcely contain our excitement as we gradually revealed, like a child’s magic colouring book, the clearly painted ‘no. 63’ in white on a dark blue ground.  The letters had lain hidden since 1942 when she was first painted in the Stanton livery.  It proved, beyond doubt, that we had ‘Merope’."

Some seafarers think to change the name of a boat is unlucky, but ‘Merope’ can claim to be very lucky for it was by sheer chance that the painter did not completely remove the remains of a number 63 that the true identity of the ‘Gertrude’ was established.  Originally numbered 61, she became no. 63 when she joined Stanton’s. Merope was then put to good use in the ‘restoration of dereliction’.  Peter Dodds was a member of a little group of canal enthusiasts who styled themselves ‘Nerg’, short for Narrowboat Recovery Group.   In the process of raising wooden narrow boats in all weathers, using Merope, the group regularly got absolutely filthy! Merope was purchased in 1985 from Peter Dodds for the Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port. She is now re-united with MERAK at the Boat Museum. Her current engine is a 4-stroke Bolinder diesel, model 1052 (the original would have been a National 2cy diesel). Pics GUCC I-Z

62 MIMAS M RICK 46 17.9.35 12442 316 09/1935   Sold to A. Wander (Ovaltine) between 1941 and 1943. To Willow Wren Jun 1959 in service Jul 1959 to 1963 under the name EGRET. Seen as Ovaltine boat at Rickmansworth 99
63 MIRA P RICK 66 21.4.36 12522 314 03/1936   sold to Stanton Ironworks became No.57 sold to J Raynor 7/47. Operated over the years by GUCCC, Stanton Ironworks, J Raynor , S T Brant, Birmingham & Midland CC Co. fs 7/99
64 MIZAR P RICK 68 19.5.36 12510 387 04/1936   sold to SE Barlows then onto Samuel Barlows 2/57
65 MONOCEROS P RICK 70 19.5.36 12594 309 05/1936   sold to LB Faulkner. 47
66 NEPTUNE I RICK 30 18.12.34 12381 209 12/1934   sold to S Barlows. 4/43
67 OBERON M RICK 40 16.7.35 NONE 321 06/1935   sunk on River Weaver
68 ORPHEUS P RICK 72 16.6.36 12561 329 05/1936   sold to LB Faulkner. 47
69 PEGASUS K BREN 502 24.7.35 12406 327 07/1935 # Unconverted for sale. 3/00
70 PERSEUS K BREN 506 24.7.35 12450 332 07/1935 #

She was built as a cargo carrying vessel and was part of the British Transport Waterways fleet. They converted her for pleasure use between 1958/60 and at that time she was named WATER BUCK. A steel top was added in 1977 and she was then renamed PERSEUS. Operates as a passenger launch with a capacity for 68 passengers. She operates a service on the Regents Canal from Little Venice to the London Zoo and Camden Lock with occasional trips to Limehouse, the River Lea and Brentford. PERSEUS

71 PHOBOS K BREN 508 3.9.35 12387 294 07/1935 # Extant, now converted and based in the south of England. for sale 10/05 PHOBOS GUCC I-Z
72 PHOENIX M RICK 38 18.6.35 12416 330 06/1935   sold to S Barlows 12/42
73 PISCES L BHM 1574 20.9.35 12454 339 05/1935 #
From David Schweizer - she was requisitioned by the Government during W.W.II along with several other Star Class motors and converted into a Fire boat, as far as I know serving on the London Thames. At some time the original engine was removed and replaced with a 36hp V4 (English) Turner engine, coupled to a Paragon 3:1 reduction gearbox. This engine was located in the Back of the cabin in the space which would have been occupied by the Boatman's cabin. I have always understood that this change took place during the War because the original engine was not sufficiently powerful to operate in the tidal Thames. After the war she was converted into a trip boat and re-named Water Sprite, the conversion was similar to the London Zoo Water buses, but the conversion was more crude, comprising of Iron pipe stanchions with a flat plywood roof and short plywood panels below the roof line. The sides comprised of Canvas roll down sheets with Transparent plastic windows. A large funnel was also welded onto the cabin roof in which the Calor Gas bottle was stored. In 1950 she was transferred to Gloucester along the Kennet and Avon Canal along with a number of other ex GUCC boats. Her transfer would appear to have been a last minute decision because the original British Transport Board memorandum does not include her, but a hand written note added to the bottom states "also Water Sprite (previously Pisces)". Whether she was already converted in 1950 or merely re-named in anticipation of conversion, I do not know. I have always understood that Water Sprite operated on the London Canals as  trip boat, but cannot confirm that. Anyway by 1964 she was redundant and offered for sale. She was purchased by the London Borough of Hillingdon Youth and Community Services, who returned her original name and put her into service immediately as a Camping/Community boat for Young People. At that time she was in exactly the same condition as she when she was as a trip boat (including pale blue and white livery) except that the seats had been removed. There was no interior lighting or heating and the aging roll down sides leaked when it rained (not very comfortable) A rudimentary cabin constructed of plywood with ex London transport train windows was quickly added and the whole boat was re-painted green with red and yellow detail. The funnel on the cabin roof (which was the subject of much ridicule from Working Boatmen) was also removed, and the gas re-located into a cabin gas locker. The interior was converted into two main cabins with ex-army drop down bunk beds being fitted,  Interior lighting and simple galley were added, but no heating. for the next ten years or so she was used regularly used by youth groups and attended almost every IWA National Rally.Since then Pisces has had two new Engines (located in the correct position)  and two new Cabins, the latest being undertaken by Dave Thomas in Braunston. In 1991 Pisces was transferred to the Hillingdon Narrowboat Association, a Voluntary Organization supported by Grant Aid, they still operate her as  Community Boat, primarily for Youth Groups. They have website here:-
74 PLANET K BREN 544 23.10.35 12413 317 10/1935   sc 12/87 now has steel bottom and is fully converted Powered by a National DM2 Diesel engine. The original back cabin and engine room are still in place with a conversion and clothed fore end. based Kays Arm Long Itchington.
75 PLATO K BREN 528 3.9.35 12485 380 08/1935   sold to E&S Probert, Millfields then onto T&S Elements renamed ANNIE ELIZA then PRINCESS ANNE. extant and in the north, she is now (2008) looking very sorry for herself and is slowly deteriorating.  BCN Photos
76 PLEIONE Q BREN 564 18.12.35 12544 333 11/1935   sold to Stanton Ironworks 12/40 became No.53 in their fleet, returned as unsatisfactory sold to Stewart And Lloyds 7/47
77 PRAESEPE Q BREN 579 22.1.36 12545 328 12/1935   sold to T&S Elements for £650 April 1941 renamed MAYQUEEN
78 PRINCE D RICK 23 8.10.31 12313 337 10/1931   Extended cabin ACC colours 6/00 Photo GUCC I-Z
79 RADIANT O BHM 1591 19.6.36 12482 343 11/1935 # RADIANT was requisitioned by the Ministry of War Transport as a fire boat and was used on the Regents Canal, London, in the Second World War. Following the war, she returned to GUCCC and was transferred to Gloucester with the advent of nationalisation in 1948. She worked as a maintenance boat on the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal for forty-five years, until purchased by her present owners in 1993. RADIANT is in good condition and has retained her original cabin with only a few modifications made in the 1950s. Her hull is constructed of riveted steel plate and she has a pointed bow and counter stern. She has a towing mast and her current engine is an inboard Lister HR3, with three cylinders and forty-three horsepower, made in 1971. Her engine room has been extended to take a three inch Gwyne water pump. She still works as a loaded pair and was re-united with her butty REGULUS in 1994 UNC. 8/99; Maintenance boat style picture   Radiant matts site
80 SAGITTA L BREN 526 3.9.35 12395 355 06/1935 # At the time of nationalisation of the canals in 1948, she was taken under the control of British Waterways South Eastern division and eventually was used as a maintenance boat on the Shroppie and surrounding areas until 1991. In 1991, SAGITTA was converted for use as an environmental classroom and exhibition facility. The boat now contains an authentic cabin (although in a back to front position - much like the Severners built by Charles Hill), a 40 foot (12.2 metres) by 6 foot (1.8 metres) classroom and exhibition area containing both television and video facilities. The SAGITTA Project was established in 1991 and was intended to increase awareness of the canal environment in Staffordshire and promote practical tasks to improve the canal and its immediate surroundings. The SAGITTA herself provided a novel focus and venue for visitors of all ages and interests. The project was a partnership between Staffordshire County Council and British Waterways. The project ran successfully for 14 years, during which time it toured the 125 miles of Staffordshire's canal network, being visited by over 400 schools and over 40,000 members of the general public. SAGITTA also ventured beyond Staffordshire's boundaries on a number of occasions to promote Staffordshire at various national and regional rallies. The success of the SAGITTA Project since 1991 in establishing an ever-expanding itinerary, has shown the value of this type of facility in promoting awareness of the canal environment. SAGITTA provided a novel venue for school visits, talks, meetings, corporate training, Youth Clubs, Scouting and Guiding Organisations, Parish Councils, Nurseries, Historic Organisations, Wildlife Groups and any other interested parties. In 1995, toilet facilities were added along with a number of safety measures. In 2005 SAGITTA was returned to British Waterways when Staffordshire decided to end the project, she is now painted in BW's house colours of Blue and Yellow and based at Icknield Port will be travelling the system 'showing the flag' at rallies and events. Hopefully with me on board most of the time!!
81 SCORPIO L COV 534 31.12.36 12411 307 10/1935 # In the BW historic fleet operated by the friends of the working boats GUCC I-Z
82 SCULPTOR L BHM 1584 15.5.36 12499 377 11/1935 # Became a maintenance boat on the Shropshire Union Canal in 1949. RN DM2 replace by Lister HA2 engine in 1960. Restored to wartime condition (except for the engine) as part of the National Waterways Museum collection circa 1988. unconverted in the waterways trust museum fleet GUCC I-Z
83 SEXTANS O NEVER REGD 12496 353 01/1936   shortened by GUCC to an icebreaker  Shortened in 1940s to 40' . Named SEXTANT no 89 by BWB in 1950s. Named HESPERUS in 1960s when used as a hire boat. Lengthened to 50' in 1980s and renamed SEXTANS. Engine changed to 2 cyl Lister in 1980s. photo matts site GUCC I-Z
84 SICKLE O RICK 187 21.9.37 12534 350 03/1936   shortened by BW as maintenance boat based at Maffers Shortened in 1940 to approx. 40'. BWB land exhibit at Sawley in late 199s0s. Undergoing restoration work in private ownership since 2002 as a tug. SICKLE matts site
85 SOUTHERN CROSS K BREN 518 3.9.35 12409 334 08/1935 # converted to trip boat by BW in the 50's now converted and based on the River Chess at Batchworth fs 11/8. At Rick 98.
86 SPEEDY A TRING 120 6.3.34 11781 356 02/1934 # sunk in Harefield flash
87 STAR K BREN 542 23.10.35 12459 351 09/1935 # converted to trip boat by BW in the 50's renamed WATER RAMBLER now deconverted and painted in utility colours Star
88 SUN K BREN 522 3.9.35 12418 315 08/1935 # converted for passenger use in 1955. She has a capacity for 50 passengers.  After conversion for passenger use she was first used as a Zoo Waterbus on the Regents Canal in London and sold in 1964 to the Midlands where she operated passenger services at Rugby and Braunston. Now WATER OUZEL London Waterbus Co. GUCC I-Z
89 TAYGETA O BHM 1587 19.6.36 12527 378 04/1936 # In BW NW heritage fleet as SEVERN DOLPHIN based on the Northern T&M 10/00 GUCC I-Z matts site
90 THEMIS K BREN 510 3.9.35 12393 375 05/1935 # converted to a trip boat by BW in the 50's renamed WATER KELPIE converted for sale 5/91 now based at Dutton on the T&M and with a full length wooden conversion. THEMIS GUCC I-Z
91 THEOPHILUS O BHM 1598 17.7.36 12606 372 04/1936   matts site
92 TUCANA O BHM 1595 19.6.36 12518 370 05/1936 # Was a bunker boat on the Gloucester and Sharpness canal renamed ZODIAC, offered for sale 2006 as part of the BW sell off but withdrawn from sale for historic value. picture Tucana Pics
93 TYCHO O BHM 1601 18.12.36 12503 373 05/1936   converted to an icebreaker by GUCC 12/42 went to work in the Rugby area '58. then went to Alfred Matty's. now based Cassiobury basin TYCHO full history  GUCC I-Z
94 UMBRIEL M RICK 44 17.9.35 12407 381 08/1935   Sold to T&S Elements for £660 in January 1942 renamed KING GEORGE V extant 2000 southern Oxford. 2008, Umbriel is breasted up with little Ricky Ariel, at Wolfhampcote winding hole. A bit delicate around the counter but the owner has the mother of all lumps of oak, sat on the bank, waiting to be carved into a new counter block got the sexiest sounding CE2 and blows great smoke rings at 30 (yes thirty) rpm.  Pic
95 VENUS H TRING 124 1.1.35 12375 352 12/1934   UNCON. F.S. 3/91
96 VESTA K BREN 530 3.9.35 12472 295 08/1935   Her current engine is an inboard diesel made by National Diesel in 1935. She was sold by GUCCC to Stanton & Staveley Ironworks at Ilkeston in 1942; sold to Stuarts & Lloyds at Coombeswood Tube Works at Halesowen in 1947. She was afterwards taken to Harris at Netherton and shortened to tug length and used to tow day boats in and around Birmingham. Name changes have followed changes in ownership and include VESTA NO.96, STANTON 61 and TUG NO.3. She is currently based at Shardlow, Derbyshire. Photo GUCC I-Z
97 VICTORIA C BREN 481 11.11.31 12331 205 10/1931   unconverted fs 4/95. sc 2/00 fs 11/00 Photos
98 VIRGO K BREN 493 24.7.35 12397 383 07/1935 # Despite a rather clumsy conversion in the 1970's,'Virgo' still survives and is moored on the Paddington Arm at Kensal Green Wharf. The conversion unnecessarily destroyed her original back cabin, but a sort of replica was constructed in sheet steel. Her engine hole, however, is still original, except for the roof, and the original engine is still in place. Hull sides are original riveted wrought iron but the elm bottom has been replaced in steel.
99 WILLIAM C RICK 26 21.4.32 12323 204 04/1932   a narrowboat constructed of steel sheet on steel ribs with a flat bottom and rounded chines and a Bolinder B20 single cylinder diesel engine. She was a well travelled cargo vessel, working on the Grand Union Canal, Regents Canal and the River Thames as well as the Bridgewater Canal and the Birmingham area in her later working years. Since 1962 she has been used as a pleasure boat but since 1975 has been kept in the form of a cargo carrying vessel with camping space under the sheets. She is based at Moore, Cheshire. WILLIAM belonged to the Royalty class which were the prototypes built for the recently enlarged Grand Union Canal in 1931: these were larger than any other canal boat and carried a number of experimental features. WILLIAM GUCC I-Z
100 ZODIAC O RICK 140 16.3.37 12592 301 06/1936 # sold as DEIMOS by BW '93 into private ownership matts site
101 ABER R COV 543 29.4.37 12572 207 07/1936 # unconverted fs 9/88. fs4/89 GUCC A-H
102 ALTON R COV 537 28.1.37 12612 201 07/1936 # unconverted and based at Whaley bridge. Alton is now making regular trips on the Upper Peak Forest and Macclesfield canals carrying coal and diesel for sale to other boats and property. Her hull is made of riveted steel, with the boatman's cabin constructed of tongue and groove planks on an oak frame. Her bow is pointed with a counter stern. The current engine is a four stoke diesel, with two cylinders and 20brake horsepower, made in 1958 by Petter PD2. From 1936 to 1948, ALTON worked for the GUCCC carrying general cargos such as timber, grain and packaged goods. Following nationalisation, she was taken over by the British Transport Commission and used for cargo carrying, including coal, until 1964. Willow Wren CTS Ltd. then employed her until 1970 and, during this time, she carried grain, aluminium and copper ingots, also coal. From 1971 to 1994, she worked for the Narrow Boat Trust Ltd. carrying coal and was fitted with a new bottom in 1971. She was purchased by the present owner in 1994 and is now being restored to carry minor cargos. She is in good overall condition and care is being taken to preserve her original appearance and features. She is the only narrow boat of her kind known to have retained a planked wooden boatman's cabin. Photo  Alton  GUCC A-H
103 ALDGATE R RICK 133 16.2.37 12555 211 08/1936 # sc possibly paired with ANGEL The engine is a Petter PD2, with two cylinders and twenty horsepower at 1500rpm, made in 1958. ALDGATE was built as a pair with ANGEL, but entered service with ASTON in 1937 at Rickmansworth. She remained in service with GUCCC until 1947, then both vessels passed to the British Transport Corporation, before being transferred again to Willow Wren Carriers, then George Matty of Oldbury and latterly the Colne Valley Carriers. Due to maintenance and repairs the boats were occasionally separated, but were finally re-united in 1994 by their current owners. The vessel is in full working order and was re-bottomed in 1995. She has recently carried a variety of cargoes including coal, timber, beer, concrete, medical supplies, boat trailers, marquees and a prefabricated building. In 1995, ALDGATE and ANGEL were part of a thirty-one boat flotilla that crossed the channel (on a ferry) to promote British Waterways in Flanders, Belgium. Aldgate GUCC A-H
104 ASCOT R COV 545 3.6.37 12577 218 08/1936 # Unconverted f.s.11/88; s.c. and @ Milton Keynes 2001
105 AYNHO R BREN 609 9.12.36 12601 222 08/1936 # Shortened by BW when in the maintenance fleet. Now working as the service boat in Limehouse Marina.
106 BALDOCK R COV 532 31.12.36 12604 226 08/1936 # Camper 1990 with 384, now has steel cabin fitted to hold.
107 BANSTEAD R BREN 605 9.12.36 12766 225 08/1936 # owned by Birmingham and Midland CC in the 70's. 2000 having work done at Nuneaton is unconverted but Trading as a floating tea and coffee shop. For sale 07
Photo GUCC A-H
108 BADSEY R BREN 619 27.1.37 12674 227 b 09/36 #

8 Sep 1936 Badsey was delivered with Butty Barnes at a cost for the pair of £1,363-5s. This included a National 2DM diesel engine no.46646, a Brunton Gearbox with 2:1 reduction gear number E/7976/3 and 3 blade left hand 24” x 17” propeller, The new owner allocated Badsey a GUCCC fleet no.108 and the British Waterways Board gave it index no 68474.

27 Jan 1937 Health Registered at Brentford allocated no 619

19 Feb 1937 Gauged on Grand Union with GJC gauge no 12674.

20 Jul 1937 Health registered at Rickmansworth, allocated no. 165.

1939 Badsey was operated by Jack James through WWII carrying Guinness between Park Royal (London) and Birmingham. He won the contract by being the fastest boat to complete the route. The Guinness history book says the contract ceased after a heatwave caused the barrels to burst on one run and on another, a big freeze delayed delivery for weeks when an ice breaker brought Badsey and other boats to Hillmorton to await the thaw.

14 Sep 1944 listed as paired with the butty Balham

7 Aug 1946 steerer James reported by Hatton lock keeper for “persistently drawing paddles before entering locks and closing one gate only, leaving the other for wastage of water to close” and for giving “offensive replies”

1 Jan 1948 Nationalisation: the GUCCC fleet joined the South Eastern Division carrying fleet as part of the Docks and Inland Waterways Executive. Jack James gave up Badsey to become lock keeper at Stoke Bruerne where he established the Canal Museum (amongst the many canal treasures that Jack exhibited there was the brass tiller from Badsey - a fact now sadly denied by the present incumbent). Whilst helping brother John start a now famous tourist trip on the Regents canal, Jacks son Noel proposed to Rene Carter in Maida Vale Tunnel and they eventually took over Badsey.

26 Jan 1959 Badsey listed paired with butty Leo steerer Noel James

15 Feb 1960 listed paired with butty Pallas, steered by Noel James.

1962 Captain was father of Eddy and Percy Hambridge

24 July 1962 Badsey is photographed with butty Argon loading from the ship MV Sirius at Limehouse.

1963 Badsey operational within the SE division. A Petter PD2 engine was installed July 1963 - one of 25 pairs leased to Willow Wren Canal Transport Services Ltd

1966 Badsey with butty Capella run for Willow Wren by Ken&Vera Ward with daughters Delma&Daphne.

1967 Badsey paired with Willow Wren butty Greenshank, steered by Percy Hambridge. Carried grain and tomato puree from Brentford to Birmingham and Cadbury cocoa beans from Limehouse.

1968 Badsey paired with Alperton steerer Percy Hambridge


April 1970 Badsey was repossessed by British Waterways and left in a very sorry state in the Wendover Arm.

July 1971 sold to Malcolme E Braine a boatbuilder from Norton Canes for £587.  

1972 sold to James Yates of Norton Canes - Fitted with Perkins P3 engine.

July 1973 and then on to David & Jill Humphreys as a Camping Boat paired with Barnes.

July 1980 sold to David & Julia Vickers, Godalming with Barnes.

May 1988 sold to Pete & Donna Harrison, Bristol with Barnes. Back cabin re-skinned by Graham Wigley, Birmingham and all painted surfaces taken back to steel / wood (except engine room sides) and returned to G.U.C.C.Co. Ltd. wartime utility livery. Half height running gear swapped with full height running gear off BARNES).

1990 sold with the butty Barnes by Warwickshire Fly Boat Co to Toby and Jonathan Ombler. They helped Badsey star in the 1991 TV Christmas Day Special of “Minder” with steerer George Cole and had great fun until the TV producer kept from them his intention to ram Badsey into a concrete wharf with such force that its bows can be seen on the video to leap out of the water. According to Jonathan it caused damage to the hull and the cabin for which the TV company refused to compensate.

May 1993 Badsey and Barnes sold through Digby Cull.

Oct 1993 Ownership transferred to Phil Speight, Ellesmere Port.

1997 Perkins P3.144 Engine (serial number 1129710) was replaced by the Perkins P3.152

Aug 2003 sold(sadly without Barnes) to current owner Ian & Lesley Lauder. New bottom fitted at Brinklow and then moored as flagship of Badseys Café Bistro (formerly BW Oxford Canal office at Hillmorton where Badsey used to moor) and where Rene James (Noels’wife) advised on the restoration. It was meant to be (or is Jack James still at the tiller?) :- Quite unknown to each other, in very same week that the Lauders brought Badsey to Hillmorton to where they had just moved, Tony and Paul Redshaw National bought 4 scrap National engines in Gloucester with the intention of restoring them at their workshop in Hillmorton (they later moved to Braunston). They started restoring one for Badsey when by sheer coincidence, another of their four engines was found to have engine number 46646, listed by Harland & Wolff as the engine originally installed in 1936 in Badsey!! That engine is now restored and reunited with Badsey 70 years after it was first installed.


109 BARNET R RICK 181 21.9.37 12625 228 09/1936 # BW historic fleet picture
110 BAINTON R BREN 588 9.12.36 12587 234 09/1936 # Uconverted and paired with BERKHAMPSTEAD GUCC A-H
111 BATH R BREN 590 28.10.36 12750 229 09/1936    Baths history is as follows: 1946 sold to Flixborough Shipping Co. of Horninglow, Burton, then at an unknown date, sold into private ownership to John Wallis and converted to a private residence; 1953 converted from screw propulsion to a form of jet propulsion at Ted Jones yard at Glascote. (The experiment was unsuccessful and she was sold to Samuel Barlow who reconverted her back to screw propulsion.) 1955 registered as PRINCE by Coronet Canal Carrying Co; 1957 bought by Samuel Barlow and renamed BENBOW; 1961 bought by K H Turton, Wolverhampton 1960s bought by Tardebigge Boat Co. and converted to a luxury hire boat 1979 bought by John Wilkinson and later that year by D & I Turner whilst the boat was semi sunk and without an engine now back to BATH and carrying with a Dorman 2DHD diesel engine presently providing her power. photo  Bath GUCC A-H
112 BATTERSEA R BREN 592 28.10.36 12642 230 10/1936 # Sold by BWB in 1967. fully restored with residential fit out under cloths.  Following the outbreak of war her steerer was Miss Kit Gayford and she was used as the training motor for the I W Ladies. She was paired at the time with the butty Uttoxeter. Today she is in the Red, White & Blue Coronation Year livery and is paired with the butty ACTIS. She is powered by a Lister HA2. for sale 07  Photo GUCC A-H
113 BEAULIEU R RICK 114 15.12.36 12665 231 10/1936 # Uncon10/88;10/99
114 BARNHAM R BREN 594 28.10.36 12637 233 10/1936 # Uncon 4/94; perfect video88
115 BELFAST R BREN 607 9.12.36 12584 223 10/1936 # Converted 
116 BEXHILL R BREN 596 28.10.36 12610 236 10/1936 # Uncon.f.s. 4/90
117 BICESTER R BREN 602 9.12.36 12702 237 10/1936 # Converted and used as residential based Marsworth For sale 07 described as- epping range & convertible double, ER with Perkins 3 cylinder engine, steel conversion with hopper/slider windows, side hatches with solid oak liners, permanent double with large storage area underneath, v.large oak wardrobe, chest of drawers. Shower, electric flush cassette toilet & vanity unit. Recently remodeled galley has large stainless steel cooker, washing machine, balanced flue gas fridge, valiant gas water heater. Open plan saloon with loose furniture, oak cupboards, solid fuel stove & oak lined under gunnels, very spacious & light. Solid steel stable doors with oak liners open onto a large fore deck with two large seats with storage underneath, a 200 gallon water tank is situated under the fore deck. picture GUCC A-H
118 BILSTER R BREN 600 9.12.36 12679 238 10/1936   14ft conv.f.s. 7/99 GUCC A-H
119 BLETCHLEY R BREN 613 9.12.36 12644 224 11/1936 # sc 2/00 waterways world 3/00. paired with ARGUS 10/00 photos
120 BOGNOR R BREN 611 9.12.36 12683 239 11/1936 # Extant in private ownership full steel conversion
121 BIRMINGHAM R BREN 615 9.12.36 12672 240 11/1936 #

14 September 1944 Paired with SATELLITE, steerer N. Morris.

8 June 1948 Paired with PADBURY, steerer L. Morris.

1951 in Paddington, Newham, United Kingdom Used as a tug towing rubbish boats to Cowley Tip, Slough Arm.

13 May 1952 Paired with CHIPSTEAD, steerer G. Bryer.

1 October 1954 Paired with ARGO, steerer C.J. Crossley.

2 July 1957 Paired with EALING, steerer J. Jackson.

10/01/1958 Replaced by B. Grantham).

15 February 1960 Paired with TITANIA, steerer not listed.

1961 Fitted with Petter PD2 20 hp air cooled diesel

1962 British Waterways Board (BWB)

1963 in Southall, Slough, United Kingdom Boat hired to Willow Wren Canal Transport Services

Late 1967 stored on the Wendover Arm, Nr. Tring (without engine).

March 1968 Sold by BWB to Janusz Rokicki partner in Foxton Boat Services.

April 1970 in Braunston Union Canal Carriers

circa mid 1970’s – Petter PD2 replaced by Lister HB2 serial number 1305 HB2 11 Serial number indicates this is a 1961 engine.

1980 in Long Itchington Sold to Simon Wain

1983 in Yatton Sold to Paul Painter, Yatton Paired with BIDEFORD.

1987 on Birmingham and Worcester Canal Trans shipping Steel for William Sharp Structural Ltd. Spring 1987.

1988 Sold to Sarah Louise Bush BIRMINGHAM and BIDEFORD traded retail coal from boats.

1993 Sold to Keith Harris Trading as A.V.H. Canal Carrying Company. Steerer N. Hill.

October 2002 Sold to John Bullows

July 2004 in Chirk Paul Painter reported to Pete Harrison that BIRMINGHAM was in a derelict condition laying at Chirk Marina.

September 2012 at Streethay Wharf Bought by current owners Awaiting work


122 BOURNEMOUTH R BREN 622 27.1.37 12657 241 12/1936 # still carrying 11/90 since been Fully converted photo
123 BRISTOL R BREN 623 27.1.37 12655 242 12/1936 # was WWCTS's DIPPER in 1961. Engine replaced with Lister HA (HB) 2. Now fully converted.  GUCC A-H
124 BUCKDEN R BREN 621 27.1.37 12652 243 12/1936 # After nationalisation in 1948 she was transferred into the British Waterways Fleet. Was called PAULINE when owned privately in 1965 - 73. She is currently still in her original condition with her original machinery. Unconverted at Birmingham 2000 Photo GUCC A-H
125 BARROW S RICK 86 11.8.36 12570 244 07/1936 # Sold by BWB 1967 / 8. Unconverted based at Stockton
126 BUXTON S COV 540 25.2.37 12608 245 07/1936 # Threefellows. fs.4/93
127 CALDY S RICK 92 22.9.36 12557 248 08/1936 # conv 53ft fs 1/93; decon, 8/99 has an unusual stern with the guards going diagonal (not original) photo
128 CALSTOCK S BREN 624 27.1.37 12736 251 12/1936 # Based at Gas street basin fully converted. GUCC A-H
129 CAMBOURNE S BREN 625 27.1.37 12698 252 12/1936 # Joined the maintenance fleet in 60's and was the last to come out of the fleet in 1991. Currently on the historic boats register and registered with the Environment agency as a tug. Unconverted and with a 600 gallon tank with electric pumping equipment for diesel sales. Has its BW cabin still but a few home comforts have been added. For sale at Whilton Marina 11/02
130 CHERTSEY S COV 539 25.2.37 12694 253 01/1937 #  
131 CHISWICK S RICK 151 20.4.37 12659 254 01/1937 # Her hull is made of riveted steel, with a wooden boatman's cabin aft. She has a bluff bow, with a raked curved stem and a counter stern. She has a horse towing mast and the current engine is a 1940s Lister JP2 diesel, with two cylinders and 22-24 brake horsepower. She was built for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company Ltd. (GUCCC) and traded on the major canals; mainly London, Birmingham and Nottingham. She was owned by British Waterways from 1948 to approximately 1964. Subsequently, she was sold and is believed to have been called WILLOW WREN for a short time. In 1970, she was bought by Jim Evans who kept her for five years. She was then bought by the Three Fellows Carrying Company and remained with them until she was purchased by the current owner in 1983. She was one of the last narrow boats to operate in commercial trade. She was re-bottomed in 1988 and re-cabined in 1991. A JP2 engine was installed in 1980 and she had a new counter deck in 1983. She continued to trade full time until 1985 and still maintains her commercial license. unconverted camper.fs.10/94. 7/00 still a camper, on T&M 2001   Life and times of GUCCC CHISWICK and TARPORLEY  Chiswick
132 COLESHILL S COV 547 2.9.37 12663 256 01/1937 # 10/00 on the bank at Foxton COLESHILL
133 CANTLEY S RICK 166 20.7.37 12669 257 01/1937 # fully converted with steel cabin GUCC A-H
134 CARNABY S COV 542 25.2.37 NONE 261 01/1937 # Shortened to a tug by BW based at Maffers
135 DARLEY S RICK 160 15.6.37 12661 267 01/1937 # Her hull is made of riveted steel and although she would have originally had a wooden cabin, this has been replaced with a steel structure. Her current engine is a 1957 Petter PD2, with two cylinders and 20 horsepower. She was commissioned by the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company Ltd. and named after DARLEY Dale and was initially intended for pairing with the butty, DENTON. She carried loads from Birmingham to London until the advent of nationalisation in 1948 when British Waterways took over and kept her until 1962. She was sold to Alfred Matty near Tipton for use as a dredger and approximately 15 feet was cut from her bow. The present owner purchased the two halves in 1982 and restored her to her original condition with work on the bottom, footings and cabin. She featured in a film called 'There go the Boats'. This showed her being loaded with twenty-five tons of wheat, towing the butty AYR with thirty tons of wheat. The man steering the DARLEY was Mr. Alf Best and his wife was filmed on the tiller of the AYR with a baby on the roof. The wheat was going to Whitworth Mills on the River Nene at Hopehampton. At this time, DARLEY had a National two cylinder diesel engine. s.c. 10/99 DARLEY
136 DOVER S RICK 184 21.9.37 12715 270 02/1937 # f.s.11/92. BW auct. Now completely renovated, has a proper back cabin and engine room comp with RN engine. Full length conversion constructed for the Narrow Boat programme on Discovery H & L  GUCC A-H
137 DUNSTABLE S RICK 154 18.5.37 12713 274 02/1937   sold out of GUCC renamed DUNSTON then on to WW renamed SWAN. In the 80's was on the Worcester and Birmingham canal. for sale 6/90 converted renamed ETON. Moved to Hawne basin work done on hull then moved to Chemical arm, Oldbury. Sold again in Oct 2001 sold again, and moved to Dadford's shed at Stourbridge for re-building. Bought by present owner in 2004.
138 EDGEWARE S RICK 172 20.7.37 12710 275 02/1937 # Unconverted and paired with BALHAM GUCC A-H
139 ELSTREE S RICK 161 15.6.37 12708 277 02/1937 # In 1948, she was transferred to the ownership of British Waterways and then, in the late 1950s and early 1960s, she was leased to Willow Wren Carriers before being abandoned at Braunston in 1963. However, she was taken on by T. Collier in the 1970s, based at Leighton Buzzard. She was used for cargo carrying and was paired with the butty LYRA. In the summer, she also offered camping holidays. By the 1980s, she had been sold again and was employed by R. Fuller carrying stone. The following decade saw her supplying diesel and coal and being used to pump out boats around Little Venice. She was bought by the current owner circa 1997 and was converted to provide living quarters The current engine is an inboard Gardner 3LW, with three cylinders and 53.5 brake horsepower, made in 1948. T.Collier with 306;'73.uncv fs. 10/94 under cloth conversion.8/99. now based Braunston. Seen at Maffers Xmas 2002. ELSTREE
140 EPSOM S RICK 194 18.1.36 12764 279 03/1937   sold to J. Knill renamed KENELM sold to S. Barlows 1/55. extended cabin 4/88. Currently at WFBCo.
141 FENNY S RICK 192 16.11.37 12770 280 03/1937 # Uncon. 57ft. to be 70ft ASAP 11/99. Chris (Greenlaws owner) uses this boat to trade coal, gas diesel etc from around the Anderton area, called Fenny Fuels and has it's own black and orange/yellowy paint scheme. GUCC A-H
142 FULBOURNE S RICK 174 20.7.37 12740 281 03/1937 # Uncon.f.s.10/91. Full history available at website see my links section. FULBOURNE website picture
143 GAINSBOROUGH S RICK 177 21.9.37 12744 283 03/1937 # powered by a National 2DM diesel engine. Passed to the British Waterways fleet on nationalization in 1948 and remained in carrying service until 1963 when ownership passed to Willow Wren. Sold on to the Aylesbury Boat Co in 1965 following which it was converted to a pleasure boat and home. Acquired by the present owner in 1979 and deconverted in 1988. The hold was rebottomed in 1992 and a forecabin fitted in 1993.
144 GREENOCK S RICK 167 20.7.37 12758 284 04/1937 # Unconverted at Brinklow 7/00 with new paint job PHOTO GUCC A-H
145 GREENLAW S RICK 157 15.6.37 12738 285 04/1937 # Sold by BWB in 1967. converted f.s.2/00. @ Middlewich 2000 based at Orchard Marina on the Trent & Mersey Canal. Chris owns the boat and has it in the blue and yellow BW colours, and still has the full length conversion.
146 HAMPSTEAD S RICK 163 15.6.37 12757 286 04/1937 # Sold into private ownership in late 1960s. still full length GUCC A-H
147 HADLEY S RICK 171 20.7.37 12734 287 05/1937 # Became part of the nationalized fleet before being sold in 1961 to Willow Wren. The boat was renamed 'Rail'. A Lister HA2 diesel engine was fitted by Willow Wren in 1968. Sold to a private owner in 1970. In private ownership by 1971, as HADLEY -RAIL. Has undergone extensive restoration by the present owner over the last ten years during which time the boat reverted to its original name. HADLEY GUCC A-H
148 HAWKESBURY S RICK 170 20.7.37 12732 288 05/1937 # Sold into private ownership in early 1970s. Engine in 1990 was a Lister JP 3. Converted for sale 7/94 & 11/02 and also in 07 HAWKESBURY GUCC A-H
149 HALSALL T RICK 79 21.7.36 12566 289 06/1936 # Uncon.f.s.12/94. now based Allens arm, Oldbury
150 KENILWORTH T RICK 80 21.7.36 12627 296 06/1936 # shortened '60s to 45ft tug. Shortened to tug and with BWB up until early 1990s. f.s.7/94 now 50ft converted and based at Dutton on the T&M 2000 GUCC I-Z
151 KELSO T RICK 84 11.8.36 12629 297 07/1936 # Kelso became the hire boat Water Vole.  Kelso and two other boats Gorse and Anthony were all cut down at Bulls Bridge in 1959 and the bows used to make BW hire cruisers. The sterns ended up on Cowley Tip (now Packetboat Marina) and Willow Wren Hire Cruisers bought the remains of Gorse and Anthony to make hire cruisers out of in 1964. I think it is safe to say they left the remains of Kelso because with its higher sides it was less attractive for their purposes.   source :- PH
152 LADYBANK T RICK 85 11.8.36 12639 298 07/1936 # conv.4/93 now deconverted LADYBANK GUCC I-Z
153 LETCHWORTH T RICK 89 11.8.36 12590 303 07/1936 # Willow Wren as FLAMINGO '60's served 10 years with Willow Wren from early '60s then 10 years as trip boat in potteries. converted fs 5/93 and 07 Rebottomed 1990 to 10mm steel. New steel back cabin, Uxter plates and counter. All work by recognised experts in traditional working boats - Warwickshire Flyboat Co. - to high standards including cabin conversion. Retains much of original back cabin. Original engine room with Lister HA2. GUCC I-Z
154 LANCING T RICK 88 11.8.36 12574 299 07/1936 # Was called RAINBOW briefly in 1960s. Had Petter PD 2 engine installed in 1965. Has been a passenger boat for many years. t.b. Kennet & Avon 
155 NABURN T RICK 175 20.7.37 12568 319 08/1936 # possibly shortened and in use by BW 2/90
156 NUNEATON T RICK 155 15.6.37 12563 320 08/1936 # Once commissioned Nuneaton was fully employed carrying many different loads mainly between London and the midlands (the G.U.C.C.Co. Ltd. built an inland port in Birmingham). This continued until 01/01/1948 when a large part of the canal system came under government control, British Transport Commission (Docks & Inland Waterways Executive). Nuneaton now became part of the nationalised narrowboat fleet operated by the B.T.C.(D.& I.W.E.), though the daily routine of boating remained the same. It passed to British Waterways (B.T.C. (B.T.W) in October 1953, and continued to carry goods much as it had done with G.U.C.C.Co. Ltd. During this period Nuneaton had its original steel cabin removed, and replaced with a wooden cabin similar to those on the Harland & Wolff boats; this was done to several of the boats due to heating and condensation problems. In about 1960 Nuneaton�s National engine was removed and replaced with a Petter PD2 air cooled engine. This had been removed by the time the boat was sold in the Wendover Arm (see below) in 1971: it was replaced with one similar in 1983, but this had become unreliable during the 1990s and was replaced with an HRW2 in 2001. The Trust still has an aspiration to return at some stage to a National-type engine similar to that originally fitted. Shortly after the formation of British Waterways Board in 1963 the nationalised carrying fleet was disbanded. Many boats' carrying careers ended, but Nuneaton was hired along with about 67 other narrowboats to the newly formed Willow Wren Canal Transport Services Ltd. Due to the good maintenance routine and hull renovation carried out by B.T.W. some of these boats were able to continue working until 1970. Nuneaton was returned to B.W.B. in 1970 after 34 years of continuous work, being one of the last narrowboats employed in long distance canal carrying. But as B.W.B. had no work available for Nuneaton she was stored, along with several other boats returned at the same time, on the Wendover Arm of the Grand Union Canal. They remained here for about 18 months during which time enthusiasts scavenged anything of interest, and engine parts were stolen to keep other boats running. Nuneaton, along with the remaining 13 boats, was disposed off in the summer of 1971. Sold to the Narrow Boat Trust, a restoration of the boat was put in hand, using mostly volunteer labour. Thirty years later Nuneaton is still working, and maintenance, as with all other working boats, is ongoing. In the winter 2000/1 the temporary wooden cabin was replaced with a steel one in the style of the original, and a number of other repairs were made to the hull and fittings. Nuneaton continues to carry a mixture of cargoes and will do so well into the next millennium.  GUCC I-Z
157 NUTFIELD T RICK 97 22.9.36 12580 318 08/1936 # Her engine was a water cooled National DM2 no. 46644, coupled to a Brunton gearbox, no. E/7976/1. The original Yarwoods riveted cabins were not popular with crews, mainly because they were damp due to condensation as a result of poor insulation and the vast majority were replaced with wooden ones.  Blue Line fitted a brand new Lister HB2 before the boat entered traffic with them, which is what she has now. She is remarkably unaltered from her final working form. In 1968 NUTFIELD took over the task of towing Raymond which had previously been done by Roger. The once prosperous carrying trade had already dwindled due to competition by road (the railway at Braunston had already come and gone!). Now just two pairs plus a single motor were carrying coal from Atherstone to the Kearley & Tonge jam factory at Southall. In October 1970 they arrived with a load and were told that it would be the last - it was the last 'Jam 'Ole Run' NUTFIELD (like Raymond) was sold off by Blue Line. NUTFIELD was purchased by the 'Friends of Raymond' in 2003 and restored. now still carrying and owned by the Friends of Raymond charitable trust. Recently (10/04) having been out of the water for a spot of restoration including re rivetting of the bottom and new shearing being fitted to the hold (src - R&N news) NUTFIELD can carry 10 tons at the moment until Phase 2 of the restoration under her engine room and back counter have been completed. GUCC I-Z
158 OTLEY T RICK 96 22.9.36 12621 323 08/1936 # Owned privately by early 1970s. Current engine is : Perkins D 3. Unconverted f.s. 5/89. Now owned by a lovely couple whose name escapes me (old age!!) OTLEY is to be seen travelling the canals kitted out as a floating shop during the summer/rally months although the hold space is unaltered so no reason to believe she is unavailable for carrying. GUCC I-Z
159 OAKLEY T RICK 98 20.10.36 12631 324 08/1936 # Shortened by BW for work on their NE waterways 10/00 on Oxford, UNDERGOING CONVERSION at Stone Oakley Blog GUCC I-Z
160 PADDINGTON T RICK 99 20.10.36 12596 325 09/1936 # Shortened by BW for work in their NE waterways now 57ft and based at Stourport
161 PINNER T BREN 598 9.12.36 12589 336 09/1936 # Last heard of in BW's fleet she was offered to a well known personality for restoration as part of the Friends of the working boat group. Her counter was believed to be rusting on the dockside at Ernie Thomas' old yard at Birchills....if not PINNER's it was another Northwich.  picture
162 PURTON T RICK 104 20.10.36 12614 340 09/1936 # shortened unconverted f.s. 4/91 still has BW's 60's cabin on was at Milton Keynes. Looks full length with extended cabin and sheeted hold 2002 In 1948 passed into the ownership of British Transport Commission and in 1962 went to the BW Maintenance fleet at Stanley Ferry when she was shortened to 57ft 6in and had her present Lister HA2 diesel engine installed. She was sold to West Riding Canal Carriers in 1989 and was bought by her present owners in 1999. She is still undergoing restoration work. Based at present on the Kennett and Avon at Wootton Rivers. In private ownership. PURTON
163 READING T RICK 111 15.12.36 12599 342 10/1936 # now named REDSHANK ex Willow Wren brought to Bristol by N&C Gray in the 70's along with butty GREENSHANK (ex BAWTRY) REDSHANK now runs tours of the city docks in Bristol with occasional forays to Bath and charter work on the river Avon to Conham and Hanham. She has been modified with the addition of a bar and WC, she seats 54 (max) on seats made from chapel pews, now has a Lister HR3 engine. As Redshank
164 RENTON T RICK 118 15.12.36 12633 345 10/1936   shortened by BW in tug format Maintenance fleet based at Maffers
165 RENFREW T RICK 113 15.12.36 12623 346 10/1936 # Originally powered by National 2DM diesel engine. Her hull is riveted and welded steel plate, with oak gunwales. The cabin was rebuilt in 1968 out of various woods and marine ply.  The current engine is a Lister HB2, with two cylinders and twenty-four brake horsepower, made in 1968. RENFREW initially worked with the butty ROMSEY, principally on the Birmingham to London canal route. With the outbreak of the Second World War, the fleet became part of the government transport system. Following the war, in 1948, the fleet passed to the Docks & Inland Waterways Executive of the British Transport Commission, which subsequently became the British Waterways Board. In 1963 to 1965, RENFREW was on hire to Willow Wren Carriers. She was then laid up until 1968 when she was purchased by Blue Line Canal Carriers. The present owners discovered her in October 1970 and have maintained her as a working boat. All the timber has now been replaced and she has had a new bottom and other steelwork. The paintwork is by Ron Hough of Braunston. s.c. was at Braunston 2000 based Oxford Photo   Renfrew GUCC I-Z
166 RUFFORD T BREN 606 9.12.36 12619 348 10/1936 # conv. f.s.11/89 GUCC I-Z
167 SALTAIRE T RICK 122 15.12.36 12696 349 10/1936 # Cut into two bits by BWB in the 1960s. Currently exists as two separate SALTAIRE's , one full length with replacement motor stern and Lister HR 2 engine, installed in 1987 , the other as 51' with original motor stern and Lister HR 2 engine, installed in 1980 it was cut off at the engine room by BW whilst being used for maintenance work stern now forms part of a 60ft converted pleasure boat fore end is 70ft motor regularly loaded and based at Langley mill GUCC I-Z
168 SEAFORD T RICK 135 16.2.37 12726 354 10/1936 # From present owner:- then BW  then Willow Wren named Curlew bought early 70`s by Bob Dericot  MIDLAND CANAL TRANSPORT  then bought by myself in 2006 moored at bittell on worcester birmingham GUCC I-Z
169 SHIRLEY T RICK 121 15.12.36 12646 357 10/1936 # Constructed of riveted steel, she has an 18hp National DM2 diesel engine.

As one of 38 similar boats built by Yarwoods and known as a Large Northwich, SHIRLEY was built to a larger specification than previously and carried more cargo. The GUCCC fleet passed to the British Transport Commission on nationalisation in 1948 which in turn became the British Waterways Board in 1962. Between 1963 and 1970 she was on loan to Willow Wren Canal Transport, for some time carrying wheat on the River Nene. In the early 1970s she passed into private ownership and was converted to a houseboat. Between the 1970s and 1994 she was renamed HALIFAX before reverting to her original name. fully converted and based in London SHIRLEY GUCC I-Z

170 SLOUGH T RICK 119 15.12.36 12635 359 10/1936 # conv. f.s.12/90
171 SOUTHALL T RICK 130 19.1.37 12685 360 11/1936 # shortened BW maintenance boat with square stern 10/99
172 STAMFORD T RICK 176 20.7.37 12724 362 11/1936 # Looks like it's undergoing a repaint as it's currently 11/07 in red primer but I did notice that the GUCCCo colours were still visible on the inside of the engine room hatch which were open at the time. It's been semi converted, not sure how long the cabin is but it's still got the tarps over most of the front end. GUCC I-Z
173 STANTON T COV 536 31.12.36 12668 363 11/1936 # blue line deconverted x91. sc.4/95 now fully converted at Middlewich 2000 STANTON
174 STIRLING T RICK 126 19.1.37 12650 364 11/1936 # converted for sale. 11/90; for sale. 6/00 has had some plating done under the back cabin and engine room at Runcorn (i think) and is painted in the blue and yellow BW colours... still with it's JP2.
175 STRATFORD T RICK 128 19.1.37 12692 365 12/1936 # Unconverted f.s.2/90 now based at Stockton on the GU canal GUCC I-Z
176 SUDBURY T RICK 129 19.1.37 12729 366 12/1936 # Last worked for Willow Wren CTS 1969. Cut down to 40ft (at Bradley?) on the BCN for maintenance work by BW in the late 1970s. Purchased privately from Malcolm Braine at Norton Canes in 1988 without engine. Now has back cabin, engine room with Lister HR2, and short extension cabin. based Ivinghoe GUc
177 SUTTON T RICK 182 21.9.37 12681 367 12/1936 # Renamed LAIDLEY WORM in 1960s and fitted with a Lister HA 2. Reverted to SUTTON in 1980s. Still full length
178 TADWORTH T RICK 136 16.2.37 12711 368 01/1937 # Uncon.8/91
179 THAXTED T RICK 164 20.7.37 12671 374 01/1937 # Willow Wren as WIDGEON uncnv.70's.8/91 new steel bottom recently
180 TIPTON T RICK 185 21.9.37 12677 376 02/1937 #  Shortened to appx 57' in 1963 by BWB and refitted with 2 cyl. Lister engine.. f.s.4/89 GUCC I-Z
181 TOWCESTER T RICK 144 20.4.37 12709 371 02/1937 # t&d Murrells. '73. unconverted 8/87 was at Brinklow being worked on during 2000 GUCC I-Z 
182 TARPORLEY T RICK 147 20.4.37 12703 369 02/1937 # community boat in Camden TARPORLEY GUCC I-Z
183 TYSELEY T RICK 149 20.4.37 12741 379 03/1937 # Her current engine is a Russell Newbury DM2 water cooled diesel, two cylinders and 18 brake horsepower, made in 1985. She worked for GUCCC until she passed under the ownership of British Waterways, finishing her commercial days on the cement run from Long Itchington to Camp Hill. From 1937 to 1954, the Brooks family ran TYSELEY. Her butties included UTTOEXTER, ACHILLES, BORDESLEY, BRIGHTON and BARNES. Subsequently, TYSELEY was owned by Midland Canal Transport and then was converted to become the first ever restaurant boat based at Thrupp on the South Oxford Canal. Since 1975, she has been the base and publicity vehicle for a touring theatre company. MIKRON theatre boat full history available from them TYSELEY
184 USWORTH T RICK 178 21.9.37 12751 382 03/1937 #  
185 WHITBY T RICK 195 18.1.38 NONE 385 04/1937 # unconverted 10/88;community boat. 10/00
186 YEOFORD T COV 546 1.7.37 12760 386 04/1937 # one of the 'town class' and was paired with the butty YEOVIL. Following nationalisation in 1948, she was taken over by British Waterways. In 1965, she was sold to the Birmingham & Midlands Canal Carrying Company Ltd. who also used her for cargo carrying. YEOFORD's interior has now been adapted for use as a camping boat, with twelve bunks, a kitchen and a toilet. She is one of the relatively few 'town class' narrowboats to survive in an original exterior form and is still operating as a traditional pair with the butty ARGON. Uncon .B&MCC.2/00 YEOFORD GUCC I-Z
13 ARCTURUS               Always numbered 12A in service due to boatmens superstitions.
38 DUKE   DAV 450 15.5.34         She was registered twice. This is her second Reg dets.
108 BADSEY   RICK 165 20.7.37         As above.
41 ENCELADUS   BREN 534 25.9.35         As above.


Key to GUCC List.

A. 5 Motors & 7 Butties purchased from other carriers
B. Prototype steel pair built by Steel Barrel Co. Ltd Uxbridge 1929
C 4 steel motors by WJ Yarwood & Sons Northwich 31/32
D 2 steel motors by James Pollock Sons & Co. Faversham 31
H 2 prototype wooden pairs by Harland & Wolff Woolwich 1934/35
I 3 prototype wooden pairs by Walkers 34/35
J 1 prototype wooden pair by Woods 1934
K 24 iron composite pairs by H&W 1935(Small Woolwich)
L 12 iron composite pairs by Yarwoods 1935 (Small Northwich)
M 6 wooden pairs by Walkers 1935 (Small Ricky)
N 18 steel comp. pairs by H&W 1935 (Small Woolwich)
O 8 steel composite pairs by Yarwoods 1935/36 (middle Northwich)
P 12 wooden pairs by Walkers 35/36(small Ricky)&Q 2 wooden pairs by Woods 35/36
R 24 steel pairs by H&W 1936 (Large Woolwich)
S 24 steel motors by H&W 36/37(large Wool)/ T 38 steel motors by Yarwoods 1936/37 (Large Northwich)
These indicate the companies intended pairings, all the early deliveries worked together
in the fleet to start with, but some of the later town class boats - owing to wide
disparity in delivery dates from the different builders involved - never did.
X before the number indicates an Oxford Canal No.
Indicates boat was still with the GUCC fleet on 1st Jan 1948 when the company
was nationalised D&IWE of the BTC
Company/canal information taken from the London canal museum. Boat list (base) courtesy Norbury Junction owners.

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