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Links to other sites of interest.


Historic boat sites

Wooden Canal Boat Society - The Wooden Canal Boat Society is a charity dedicated to saving, restoring and using on community projects some of the real old wooden working boats of Britain's canal network.

Historic Narrow Boat Owners Club - Looking after the interests of the historic boats.

Steamers Site - Richard Thomas' site all about historic steamers used on the canals for carrying and towing.

MB Fulbourne - This site is all about the Large Woolwich motor of the same name and its travels throughout the system.

MB Swallow website - A website for the boat of the same name with loads of information about this boat and the company of Cowburn and Cowpar.

Middle Northwich Sickle - A website covering the restoration of this boat and also information about all the boats in this class, very good site.

Steves Bream site - This is a site dedicated to fish class motors in particular BREAM. Excellent site.

South Midland Water Transport - Dedicated to keeping the issue of freight on the waterways alive.

Drews Josher site - A site dedicated to Joshers, run by Andrew Burge.

nb Oakley - This is a record of the restoration of narrowboat Oakley, a large Northwich of the Town class of the Grand Union Canal Carrying Co. Ltd. built in 1936 by Yarwoods in Northwich.

Jem Bates - A purpose built yard dedicated entirely to wooden boat restoration and bespoke new narrowboat construction.

Narrowboat Trust - Website of this society dedicated to the preservation of their boats and allowing people to experience working on a pair of boats.

Friends of Raymond - All about the organisation set up and run to rebuild and display nb Raymond  

Model Sites

Maurice Browns site - This site is dedicated to the garden railway and canal. I made the lock gates and boats, the rest of this incredible garden is the result of hard work by Maurice and Chris (his son)

Individual Canal Sites

BCN Society - This is the site for the BCN Society.

Lichfield and Hatherton society - This is the site all about the restoration of these two (not long) defunct canals.

Birmingham canals - This is the site of Birmingham council, the link is to the canal section.

Ashton, Macclesfield and Peak Forest Canals - A site all about these canals and the trade they used to carry.

Bugsworth Basin Restoration and Museum Project Buxworth, Derbyshire - A site all about the restoration and establishment of a museum at Bugsworth basin.

Canal Forums

Canal World Forum - The site now has over 20,000 members who contribute regularly in lively discussions and a huge photo gallery of images.

Boats and - Boats and Canals of the World Forum was born on 21st January 2007. A very useful website with a lot of good information.

Just Canals - ' aims to provide the visitors with lots of helpful information related to Britain's inland waterways and rivers whilst providing useful links, interesting pictures and articles, fun competitions and much more'

Canal Photography Sites

Canal - A site which, as the name suggests, has lots of canal photos on it.

Canalside Camera - Another site with masses of interesting pics

Canal Blogs

nb Warrior - Superb weblog and supplier of a lot of my photos...Lovely!!

Hadar Website - This site records the progress and subsequent adventures of HADAR, Keith first approached Roger Fuller the owner of Roger Fuller Boat Builders in 2002, and asked him to build him a brand new boat, in the style of a traditional Small Northwich Star class working boat.

National D3 rebuild blog - Steve has a 'National D3' engine that he intends to rebuild and marinise to put in a 62 foot narrowboat (yet to be built) he has also supplied a lot of photos on the site.

Canal Publications

Narrowboat Magazine - Fantastic magazine relating to the history of canals and carrying.

Towpath Talk - This is the online version of the free paper specifically about UK canals.

General Canal Interest Sites

Jim Sheads site - A great resource containing all the links you will need for the waterways.

Canal Junction - Another cover all site but has lots of information about canal history as well

The Waterway Directory - another site with plenty for canal enthusiasts to enjoy.

Save our Waterways - Website of the campaign against swinging cuts in funding to BW and hence to us as well.

Commercial Boat Owners Association - It does exactly what it says on the link!

I.W.A. site - The site of the Inland Waterways Association.

Roy Collingwoods site - Roy owns his own boat this site has old photos as well as some useful info.

Norbury cruising club - The site for.......Norbury cruising club

Roy Browns site - This site is about the Union canal in Edinburgh, particularly the Leamington lift bridge. Their are a whole host of links to other sites related to the Union canal. A well put together site and a useful tool.

TB Training - This site has details of courses for Engine maintenance and painting among many many other things. The link is to the home page.

Norman Cruisers - A site for all you Noddy boaters...and I don't mean nudists!!! This site is great for those with an interest in this marque.

Tim Lewis' site - This site has lots in it, not least info about N & E London WRG

The Boat Museum - At The Boat Museum in Ellesmere Port we bring Britain's canal history back to life. Come and explore the exhibitions in the historic dock complex and experience life aboard our collection of canal and river craft.

Reed Hotel Boats - provides a large amount of information on thirty two of the UK canals and rivers. As well as general descriptions on each there are over 600 pictures, over 200 places to visit near the canals, a history of each canal and hundreds of links. As well as details of the hotel pair as featured on Waterworld.

Blisworth Village Site - This site is a very good source of information about one of the major villages on the canal network, many beautiful images of canals and narrowboats by Jim Payler.

Bolinder engines - This site is one for the purists, details on Bolinders in boats in this country and beyond and also projects to install them in boats.




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