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Midlands and Coast Canal Carriers Ltd

Midlands and Coast were formed in 1921 when the Shropshire Union Carrying company decided to withdraw from canal carrying and concentrate on railways (being part of the LNWR grouping). It lasted for 17 years until it was taken over by FMC and the remaining boats integrated into the FMC fleet.

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B APOLLO Aug-22 WTON 1090 Oct-22 EX Harris Bros, Brierley Hill
B APOLLO May-29 WTON 1130 Jul-29 1929 John Crichton, Saltney Ferry, Chester, composite butty. BCN gauging 1490, 15/5/1929. Length 70ft 10". Converted to motor-boat 1936 and fitted with an 18hp Petter. Became FMC No 349, Regd at Wolverhampton No 1147. Sold to E.Thomas shortened for tug work; fitted with a petrol/paraffin TVO 
M APOLLO Jul-36 WTON 1147 Sep-36 Ex above. Extant as trip boat based Sheffield. See FMC list. 
B ARIEL Jul-27 WTON 1123 Jul-27  
M ARIEL Aug-35 WTON 1143 Oct-35 New Yarwoods. Went into FMC fleet and subsequently into the BTC fleet on nationalisation. Stern section fitted with new fore end and now 51ft long, centre fitted with new stern and fore end and now 45ft long, fore end broken up. Fitted with a 10hp Petter. In 1938 became FMC No 351, Regd at Wolverhampton No 1143. Used as maintenance boat BW North West, with the fore-end cut off, (later scrapped at Hayhurst). Sold by BW and became derelict on the T & M. Fitted with an Ailsa Craig 4 cylinder diesel, it was craned out onto Rode Heath wharf around 1993. Stern end currently at Stockton, the middle section being in a boat in Bristol docks.
B AURICULA Aug-22 CHES 686 Aug-22 ex SUR&CC
B AVON Jul-22 WTON 1082 Jul-22 ex Price and son, Brierley Hill
B BATTALION Sep-22 WTON 1091 Oct-22 ex Hingleys, SUR&CC
B CASSANDRA Sep-22 WTON 1092 Oct-22 ex SUR&CC
B CHILDWELL Mar-22 WTON 1096 Oct-22 ex SUR&CC
B CORDELIA Sep-22 WTON 1095 Oct-22 ex SUR&CC
B CORFU Mar-22 WTON 1131 Jul-29 ex Hingleys, SUR&CC
B CORINTHIAN Mar-22 WTON 1089 Oct-22 ex Hingleys, SUR&CC
T CROWN Apr-37     ex NORTH converted for Hingleys
B DESDEMONA Jun-22 WTON 1078 Jun-22 ex SUR&CC
B DIAMOND Oct-28 WTON 1126 Oct-28 New Crichtons, Saltney.
B DIAMOND   WTON 1148 Mar-38 Above boat reregistered. BCN gauging 1417, 21/8/1928. She was one of six iron boats in the fleet fitted with two cabins for long distance traffic between the Black Country and the ports on the Mersey Estuary. Having been damaged during an air raid on Birmingham in 1944 she was sold for scrap to Ernest Thomas by Fellows, Morton & Clayton who had by then acquired Midlands and Coast. Rebuilt and renamed HENRY she carried coal until the 1960s when she was resold to Caggy Stevens of Oldbury and renamed SUSAN. At the Black Country Museum as a static exhibit at the boat dock.
B DOROTHY Mar-22 B.HILL 246 Oct-20 Ex Hingleys, Ex Harris Bros
B ELECTOR Dec-22 WTON 1100 Jan-23 ex SUR&CC
B EMMA Jan-23 WTON 1102 Feb-23 Ex Noah Webb, Brierley Hill
T ENERGY       Possibly built by Taylors, Chester.
B GLADYS Jan-23 B.HILL 87 Mar-21 Ex Hingleys, Ex Harris Bros
B GLADYS Jun-26 WTON 1121 Jul-26 Ex William Owen, Barbridge
B GREDDINGTON Mar-22 CHES 702 Mar-22 ex SUR&CC
B GRENADE Jul-22 WTON 1085 Aug-22 ex SUR&CC
M JUBILEE Nov-35 WTON 1144 Dec-35 ex Horse Boat LEO BCN gauging No 1313, 10/8/1927. Converted to motor-boat 1935, by Harris's of Netherton and re-named JUBILEE; fitted with a 12hp Petter. New BCN gauging No 1873. Became FMC No 347, Regd at Wolverhampton No 1144. Sold to E.Thomas in 1939. Worked as a trip boat based at Great Haywood for many years. Now privately owned, this boat has recently been restored to trading condition. BCN Photos
B JULIET Sep-22 WTON 1101 Jan-23 ex SUR&CC
B JUPITER Jul-22 WTON 1087 Aug-22 ex Hingleys fitted with fore cabin at some point in her history seen in photos circa 1922 Went to River severn catchment boards dredging fleet.
B LEO Jun-27 WTON 1125 Sep-27 New Yarwoods, converted to motor JUBILEE 1935, extant and restored
B MALINES Mar-22 CHES 753 Mar-22 Ex Hingleys, Ex SUR&CC
B MARGARET Feb-34 TAMW 103 Feb-34 Ex A&A Peate Ltd, Maesbury
B MARS Mar-22 BHAM 1433 Mar-22 Ex Hingleys fitted with fore cabin at some point in her history seen in photos circa 1922
B MARS   WTON 1093   above boat reregistered
B MASCOT 0/22 BHAM 1357 Jan-17 Ex Cross & Co, Birmingham
B MCC 1 Jul-22 WTON 1080 Jul-22 New Crichtons, Saltney.
B MCC 2 Sep-22 WTON 1108 Oct-23 New Crichtons, Saltney.
B MCC 3 Sep-22 WTON 1094 Oct-22 New Crichtons, Saltney.
B MCC 4 Mar-23 WTON 1104 Apr-23 New Crichtons, Saltney.
B MERCURY Feb-26 WTON 1120 Jun-26 New Yarwoods, Northwich. composite butty, with fore cabin. BCN gauging No 1173, 1/7/1926. sold to S.Barlow. Full length pleasure boat under cloth conversion. Based on the K & A Canal at Bradford on Avon.
M MERMAID Oct-22 WTON 1088 Oct-22 When bought as a motor she had wheel steering but this wasn’t a success and she was deconverted to a horse boat, very unusual for it to happen this way round.
B MERMAID Oct-25 WTON 1188 Oct-25 Above boat deconverted to horse boat. Went to River severn catchment boards dredging fleet.
B MOLDAVIA Sep-22 CHES 774 Sep-15 ex SUR&CC
B NEPTUNE Feb-23 B.HILL 293 Feb-23 Ex Hingleys. Went to River severn catchment boards dredging fleet.
B NORTH Dec-25 WTON 1119 May-26 New Yarwoods, Northwich. BCN gauging No 1136, 16/2/1926. Converted to 44ft tug, Harris's, in 1937, renamed CROWN. Fitted with a 30hp Petter semi diesel. Sold to Hingley's in 1937. Converted and lengthened once more in 1957 for pleasure use by M E Braine, then relengthened to 70' in 1989. Has now been named LION for many years. Owned by current owner since 1973.
B ORION Dec-22 DAV 353 Jan-23 New Nursers, Braunston
B ORION   WTON 1127   Above boat reregistered BCN gauging No 832, 9/4/1924.
B PHEASANT Mar-22 CHES 695 Mar-22 Ex Hingleys, Ex SUR&CC
B PIRATE Sep-22 CHES 755 Mar-22 ex SUR&CC
B POLE STAR May-22 DAV 345 May-22 New Nursers, Braunston
M POLE STAR Jan-34 WTON 1142 Mar-34 Ex Horse Boat above Sold to E.Thomas.
B PORTIA Sep-23 WTON 1110 Oct-23 ex SUR&CC
B RIGA Mar-22 CHES 802 Mar-22 Ex Hingleys, Ex SUR&CC
B ROSE Mar-22 B.HILL 287 Aug-20 Ex Hingleys
B ROUMANIA Sep-22 WTON 1097 Oct-22 ex SUR&CC
B SALLIE Mar-22 B.HILL 288 Mar-21 Ex Hingleys, Ex Price and son
B SALONICA Mar-22 WTON 1107 Jun-23 ex SUR&CC
B SALONICA   WTON 1115 Dec-24 Above boat reregistered
B SAPPHO Mar-22 CHES 735 Mar-22 ex SUR&CC
B SCHOLAR May-22 CHES 728 May-22 ex SUR&CC
B SEAGULL Jun-22 WTON 1084 Jul-22 Ex Hingleys (New in 1921)
B SIR DOUGLAS HAIG Mar-22 WTON 1106 Jun-23 ex SUR&CC
B SIR DOUGLAS HAIG   WTON 1132 Jul-29 Above boat reregistered
B SNOWDROP Jul-22 WTON 1086 Aug-22 Ex Greaves Bull Lakin, Stockton
B SPADE Dec-28 WTON 1128 Jan-29 New Crichtons, Saltney. New stern and now 62ft long.  BCN gauging 1426, 20/9/1928. Motorised, and shortened, recognisable by the "snakes" guards on the fore-end.
B STAR Jun-29 WTON 1133 Jul-29 New Crichtons, Saltney. Composite butty. BCN gauging No 1497, 20/6/1929. Length 70ft 8". Boat built with a fore cabin. Full length motor boat but with original butty stern.
B TARZAN Oct-23 WTON 1109 Oct-23 Ex SUR&CC
B TAURUS Jul-27 WTON 1124 Sep-27 New Yarwoods, Northwich. BCN gauging No 1323, 2/9/1927. Went into the FMC fleet and subsequently the BTC fleet on nationalisation. The boat was re-named TURTLE, when in the BW North West carrying fleet. Full length pleasure boat based on the shroppie.
B TOWNSEND Mar-22 CHES 790 Mar-22 Ex Hingleys, Ex SUR&CC
B VENUS May-22 WTON 1079 Jun-22 Ex Hingleys (New in 1922)
B VENUS   WTON 1140 Mar-32  
B VERDUN Apr-22 CHES 795 Apr-22 ex SUR&CC
B WARSAW Aug-22 CHES 770 Aug-22 ex SUR&CC
B WELCOME Mar-22 CHES 794 Mar-22 Ex Hingleys, Ex SUR&CC
B WHIRLPOOL Mar-22 CHES 806 Mar-22 Ex Hingleys, Ex SUR&CC
B WOODCOCK Mar-22 CHES 693 Mar-22 Ex SUR&CC


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