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Photos of BCN boats

T & S Elements BEN

This is PRINCESS ANNE seen in '94, resplendent in her T&S Element paint scheme, my grandfather used to steer her for T&SE and whenever we saw her on the system he'd tell whoever was steering her to "look after my boat!" and she was the favourite of all the boats he had. 

Charlie, H and young Billy Foster photographed from Riddian Bridge Aldridge in 1966 carrying slack to GEC Witton from Anglesey basin.

Leading the train is Charlie on PRINCESS ANNE, H comes next with Billy at the rear with SAPPHIRE. 

When towing a train of joeys through a lock flight you had to be your own horse and line. Charlie Foster hauling a well laden joey into Longwood top lock, on the offside you can see the lockies veg patch.

Eight Years earlier we can see Charlie with H and his two sisters in a school holiday enjoying a day out at work with Dad and Big Brother. You can see that a boat horse would 'backa' away on its own once it had learnt the road ahead. 

RONNIE after being purchased for conversion.

RONNIE converted for pleasure use 

CORONATION although there is no evidence she ever worked for Elements



E.Thomas' DOT No. 4

BIRCHILLS an example of a wooden joey

This is an earlier photo of MARQUIS when she was named SALLY and worked for Hayward's of Tipton. Any ideas who the three fellows are? In this stage of her life she also worked for Holloway's of Oldbury.


Here is another photo of MARQUIS as SALLY this time only one steerer but any ideas who he is? In this photo you can clearly see the upswept stern typical of FMC's steamers, this was to accommodate the 3 foot prop these boats were fitted with.

This is a photo of Steven & Keays tug JUDITH ANN, named after Kens daughter. I don't know the location of the photo but it would have been somewhere in the Black Country/ Birmingham area.

 M&CCC JUBILEE now restored to carrying condition

The tug above is a conversion of an older boat it's MECCA it is an LMR railway boat converted to a tug at some point.

Another converted LMS boat, his time RILL also painted in pseudo LMS colours

NANSEN part of BW's heritage fleet

GOVERNER painted in early Alfred Matty colours

Compare that with the later plain yellow scheme used on TYCHO and others here in a pic from NBOC see links page for details.

ROSS a BCN Ice breaker

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